Vehicle History Reports

What information does your vehicle history report contain?

The vehicle history report is a compilation of all available information that related to your VIN code - in a single, easy-to-read report. Details include:

  • Vehicle specs
  • Title history
  • Odometer reading reports and history
  • Check of 60+ title brands
  • Records of any total-loss report on the vehicle
  • Reports of salvage status reported by junkyards
  • Contact info for salvage and insurance companies

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How is the information obtained?

Data about vehicle history is provided by different government sources and independent agencies. Entities including states, insurance companies and junkyards must report data into these systems. It includes data from more than 9000 insurance companies, recyclers, salvage yards and more, totalling over 40 million records of total loss or salvage. More on our data

How can I get a report for my vehicle?

It starts by obtaining your Vehicle Identification Number. You run an instant VIN lookup below.

If the lookup is successful, you can order a complete report, delivered to your instantly at the time of your purchase.

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Sample VIN Report (compare with Carfax report)

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